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Virtual Membership

Address + Mailing Services

Access to Member Events

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If you love working from home and are not ready to relocate your business just yet, the Virtual Membership is perfect for you.


With a Virtual Membership to Studio 220, you will have a professional address for your incoming mail at a rate cheaper than some P.O. Boxes at the post office. There is always someone here to sign for your packages and you will have your own mailbox in the building. 

This membership is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who loves their home office but is in need of more flexibility with their mailing and shipping.

If your business is growing quickly or you need a place to schedule professional meetings, check out our Coworking MembershipsPrivate Offices, or contact us about booking a meeting space.
Why Studio 220?

Your Own Space

Working at home can be isolating and can bring with it many distractions ranging from children to everyday tasks that are looming over you as you try to work. You will be surprised how much more you can get done when you are in an environment that encourages focus and efficiency.


In a co-working space, there are many other creatives and innovators available for references, perspective, and potential partners.

Professional Environment

You have a professional environment to meet with clients as opposed to meeting in your living room or local coffee shop. Take advantage of the opportunities included in our co-working environment to impress your clients and show them that you mean business.


You can work when you want. Come in late, come in early, or be here all night. You make up you hours based around your busy life.


All the resources your business needs to grow located in the same place and included in one easy to understand membership. 

We Are Built to Build Your Business 

Coffee shops can be bustling and boisterous, it can be difficult to find a table or an outlet, internet can lag, and there is the pressure to buy another coffee or bagel the longer that you sit there. We have plenty of room, high-speed internet, and the coffee's always hot!

Location, Location, Location

We are located at 220 W. Tennessee Street, right in the middle of the Renaissance City: Florence, Alabama